RIMS CUBS brings to you an enriched international and holistic curriculum that offers different learning opportunities for the child and also nourishes overt and hidden talents, thus giving them a strong foundation for success in life.

We believe in modern teaching with international vision and cultural background. An exciting experience for every child, kindergarden, is the first big step taken by the child into the outside world of formal education. Our focus is on satisfying the child’s inquisitive mind through concept clarity. An exciting experience awaited by every child with unique needs and unique talents. The Early Year Foundation Curriculum ensures an all-round personality development of each child to help them face this competitive world.

Our emphasis is on encouraging children to realize their inner potential while learning and growing at their own pace. We aim towards giving them a stimulating learning experience which promotes all round development

  • An excellent, child friendly and safe infrastructure.
  • Theme based learning: Connecting and linking various subjects with our theme facilitate an innovative learning experience
  • Circle time- To engage children in many activities which they can relate to and enjoy a unique sharing experience.
  • Art activities, drawing, craft, coloring; engaging activities like activity sheets, phonic program, numeracy skills development and literacy skills development etc for holistic development of all senses and skills.
  • Hands on experience A child's urge to explore his/her world, his/her environment and get his/her millions of questions answered is an important aspect in his all round development We try to achieve this through hands on experience, field trips and children learn by doing

With the admirable student-teacher ratio of 15:1 we lay best foundation for great learning at RIMS with care, constant communication and involvement with parents. We will be proud to see our toddlers turn into beautiful human beings equipped with necessary skills to conquer the world of tomorrow.

Pre-school learning programme with activities at RIMS CUBS

  • Assembly
  • Circle Time
  • Value Education
  • Academics – Blending Playway and Montessori method
  • Free Play Activities
  • Music & Drama
  • Fitness program