Rules & Regulations

Dates & Deadlines

RIMS applications are welcomed throughout the year. Because of the limited number of student spaces available at RIMS, we encourage early application to maximize your chances for enrollment in the next fall term.

Please telephone the Admission Counselor at 020-30482253/54 to discuss your child’s educational needs and the school’s program, as well as obtain answers to any questions you may have about RIMS.

1.    A student application, forms for teacher evaluations, and a list of other application information required is available on this page, or may be obtained by calling, e-mailing or faxing the Admissions Office. Parents are responsible for making certain that the forms are completed and returned to the Admissions Office in a timely manner.

2.    Mail your completed application to us. Be sure to include the student application form, the application fee, school reports, recommendations, and language and psycho-educational evaluations.

Once a candidate’s application file is complete, the RIMS’ Admissions Office reviews it.

3.    We ask that an offer of admission be accepted within two weeks of notification, at which time a deposit must be submitted to hold the space.

4.    Applying to schools can be a time-consuming process, and we are happy to assist families in answering questions and resolving difficulties that arise during the application process. Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions or concerns.

Late Applications

Are you late? If you have not begun the application process by June 15th, then you are considered a late applicant. Nonetheless, complete and send in your application as soon as possible. Space permitting and if appropriate, there may be a possibility of admission.

Midyear Applications

Occasionally, a student will leave RIMS during the school year, and a space will become available. When this occurs, first priority is given to our waiting list, after which new applicants will be considered. If you are interested in a midyear admittance, notify our Admissions Office and ask them to contact you in that event.


While student interviews are required for admission and typically take place after the completed application has been reviewed and a student has been determined eligible for consideration, parents are welcome to visit RIMS with their child at any time in order to learn more about RIMS and its programs. Interviews and visits are an excellent opportunity for both parents and prospective students to meet some of our faculty, experience student life at RIMS. Visits may be scheduled at any time throughout the school year or summer. Please call the Admissions Office to set up a parent/student interview and campus tour.

Rules to be followed as a student of RIMS International School and Junior College;

  1. All the students must carry their valid Identity Cards for the full time they are inside campus. IGCSE students are expected to carry their school diaries and show their Identity Cards and their Diaries at the gate before entering.
  2. The identity card is for your use only, do not let anyone use your card.
  3. Mobile Phones are not to be used in the campus.

The student may carry a mobile phone to school only on receiving the consent from the principal after a written application for the same has been given by the parents explaining the reason for this necessity and deposit it at the gate and take it back at dispersal.

  1. The School/College will not be responsible for books, money, clothes, mobiles and other articles that are misplaced. It is not advisable for students to have money or valuable articles with them. In emergency, valuables may be left with the School/College authorities.
  2. Any damage done to School/College property or to the other students will have to be made good.
  3. Cleanliness of person and uniform is expected of every child. Those who attend in untidy clothes, hair etc will be subject to detention or community work.
  4. No child suffering from any contagious or infectious disease will be allowed to attend the School/College.
  5. A pupil coming late to School/College may not enter the class unless they take to the teacher a note signed by the Head Teacher.
  6. Presents/gifts to teachers and demonstrations in their honour are not allowed.
  7. Visitors are not allowed to meet the teachers in their respective classrooms during teaching hours.
  8. For breach of the School/College rules, a student may be punished at the discretion of the Principal.
  9. At the recess bell all the pupils must move towards their classrooms.
  10. Running, playing or shouting inside the college premises is not allowed and when classes get over at the end of each session the pupils in due order & in silence should move along the corridors to the exit keeping to the left.
  11. Exposed foodstuff from vendors should not be purchased. Use the school canteen.
  12. No School/College business will be transacted on Holidays.
  13. Students who are irregular at homework & class work are liable to be suspended from School until all the work is submitted as required.
  14. Please follow the rules in the computer and science labs. Do not move equipment at any time. (When you have a problem in the computer and science labs, speak to the lecturers).
  15. Issue of duplicate I – Cards and Hall tickets would be charged Rs. 100/- respectively.

            Note:   Late coming, acts of indiscipline, improper and untidy uniform, incomplete homework would be liable for punishment like community work and detention.


The provisions of these rules and consequences apply whenever students are involved, such as:

  • School activities
  • Travel on school buses
  • Off-site, school-sponsored activities
  • On-site or off-site school-related problems which are the result of disruptive behavior at school
  • To and from school

    Cumulative offenses will result in progressive consequences.

Accumulated Offenses-Students may be expelled or placed on long-term suspension for an accumulation of offenses due to repeated violations of the Code of Behavior even though any offenses may not warrant such serious corrective action.


We at RIMS take care to instill the right discipline in every student. The pride in wearing the uniform correctly, being well groomed in all aspects of personal hygiene, ensuring that the shoes are clean and polished and the satisfaction of being well turned out is encouraged in this culture.

When a student of RIMS addresses his teacher or the helpers on campus, he is expected to do so with respect. The entire system in place ascertains that this is a practice on campus.

It is the same vein which helps them to adapt to any work environment or culture later on in life, wherever life places them.


As mentioned in the academics section attendance plays a pivotal role in RIMS. A student is expected to maintain a 90% attendance for academics and will be penalized if he/she fails to adhere to it.

We firmly believe that the class room teaching has no substitute and a student being in class makes him privy to the knowledge and challenges that the teacher has shared in the course of the class conducted. Therefore, the stricture to maintain the high standard in attendance for every student in RIMS.

Pupils who have an excellent record of attendance are usually those who achieve their full potential. According to National Curriculum Guidelines (2009) the National Average of attendance is 94%.

Attendance What it means
100% - 96% attendance No Academic concern and high Achievers
95% - 92% attendance Level of non attendance will impact your child’s progress
91% and below Serious concern and impact on progress


  • Students are required to pay their fees as per the structure notified to them at the time of enrollment for the respective programme.The installment plan is already notified to you. In case you have any query regarding this please contact the Accountant. All the Post Dated Cheques should be submitted before commencement of classes. Failure to submit fees will result in punitive measures and students may not be provided with hall tickets, not be allowed to sit for the exams and as a result would not get Report cards and even Leaving certificates and other documents required from the College. So, care should be taken to avoid such drastic circumstances by being prompt in the fees payment.
  • Late fees will be charged to all the students if payment of fees is not done by the given deadline date. There will be a late fees deadline date too after which the school does not guarantee any seats to those particular students.

   ü     The fees for the entire year need to be paid at the time of Admission in the form of post dated cheques as per the installment plan.



While taking admission every students has to submit the following documents-

  • Previous School Leaving Certificate In Original
  • Previous Report Card / Mark-sheet / Transcript Copy
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy
  • Photograph
  • Residential Proof


Admission Certificate:

A Admission Certificate is a certificate issued as a proof that an individual has granted admission in the school in particular class for which Academic Year. It is basically used to apply for student visa (if a student is out of India)

Bonafide Certificate:

A Bonafide Certificate is a certificate which is issued as a proof that an individual belongs to the particular education institute or a particular organization. In case of a bonafide certificate in a school, it is basically used to certify that whether a student is studying in an institute or not. This certificate in school consists of the student’s name, the class in which the student is studying at present. It also includes the date of birth of the student as it specified in the school records etc.

Leaving Certificate:

Leaving Certificate is awarded after school students successfully complete the curriculum and examinations of schools affiliated to state boards in India.Leaving certificate is content all required information i.e. Name of student, date of birth, nationality, date of admission in school, course details etc.

Passing Certificate:

This certificate states the list of successful subjects with grades obtained by students at their examination session. The passing certificate is issued for every exam session attended by the student .As the name suggest this certificate only mention syllabi in which the student has passed. For the March exam session the certificate is issued in the month of June. For the October session the certificate is issued in the month of January. This certificate is issued from the University of Cambridge International Examinations (UCIE)

Migration Certificate:

This is the no objection certificate for the student to join any college /University after completion of his/her AS or A level qualification. For the March Exam session the migration certificate if issued in the month of June and for Oct session the certificate is issued in the month of February. The certificate is issued from the University of Cambridge (UCIE)

Note: Migration certificate will be issued for only those students who have successfully passed 3 entire subjects and English being compulsory.

Statement of results:

This document states the result of the students examination The statement of result s mentions the result of every syllabus the student has registered for irrespective of the students passing, failing or being absent for any particular syllabus. The statement of result serves as a very important information to the college or University student wishes to apply after AS or A Level qualification. For March Session the statement of result is issued in the month of June, and for October session it is obtained in month of January.

This statement is issued from the University of Cambridge International Examination.

Leaving Certificate:

The certificate is required to officially cease from being a student of RIMS International School and Junior College. A withdrawal form has to be duly filled and submitted to the school office for procuring this certificate. Only after producing a leaving certificate of RIMS, will the other College /University grant admission to the student after AS or A Level. For the march Exam Session the Leaving Certificate is issued in the month of June, and for October session the certificate is issued in the month of January. This certificate is issued by RIMS International School and Junior College.

Forecast grades:

This serves as a very important document for students who appear for their final CIE Board Examination in March session. Since the results are issued in the month of June students find it difficult to start their application procedure for admission to various colleges/Universities. The College /University may give provisional admission to the student. Forecast grades are generated based on academic performance of the student during the academic year. Forecast grade certificate is issued only after the CIE examination is over. Forecast grades are valued on the following criteria and help in emergency situations.

Performance in Term and Mock Examinations, Performance in Monthly tests & Attendance

Recommendation Letter:

Recommendation Letter from the principal and the respective subject teacher is an important aspect for securing admission to Colleges/University after AS of A Level qualification. A recommendation letter can reflect the students personality, participation in classroom activities, participation in extra- curricular, participation in sports, cultural event social service activities etc. These points have a very high weightage at Colleges/Universities Abroad. RIMS International School and Junior College records the students participation in all above fields and will issue recommendation letter based on the records.

An application form needs to be filled stating the need for the same. You need to state from whom you require the recommendation letter.

Fill in the ‘Recommendation letter Format’ which would provide details on all participations with grade acquired.

Duration of one week is required to prepare the recommendation letter, students are requested to apply well in advance to avoid last minute delay.


Advanced level qualification needs a passport to move into higher education or employment. The subject content of each of the new CIE A Level syllabi has been subdivided into two parts: The AS syllabus content which is expected to be covered in first half of the course and the part 2 of the syllabus commonly referred to as A2.

Pass grades for both AS and A Level are A to E, which can be directly related to the UK A/As level grades. Assessment may include course work, final Examination, practical and oral tests.

Students applying for university will typically follow 4 to 5 AS courses in their first year of study and then continue with 3 subjects to the full A Level in their second year.

Break up of grades & number of lectures schedule of the students/ week and obtained grades / predicted grade swill be provided as per student requirements.

 Grade to Percentage Conversion:

This document converts the forecast / obtained grades of the student into percentages and this is done by the UCIE. This is required when a student applies in College/ University in India. This document is issued by RIMS International School and Junior College.


In case you require Bonafide or any other document from school, It will take 7 (Seven) working days for the same to be delivered after the application in specified format by school along with the documents required. No last minute requests will be accepted. Please look up your requirements well in advance. For renewals / extensions of your F.R.O. & R.P. you should apply 15 days prior to the Deputy Commissioner of Police Special Branch (FRO), Pune.

After you get your F.R.O. & RP (Residential Permit) please submit a

Copy to the School Admin Office.

If you change your address or mobile no please inform the old no / address with the changed new numbers/address to the Deputy Commissioner of Police Special Branch (FRO), Pune & a cc of it to be submitted to the Admin Office in writing.

In case of any leave or absenteeism for more than 3 days you have to take prior permission of the PRINCPAL in writing.

School will not be responsible for any legal aspects which will arise from disobeying the above mentioned rules & regulations.



The school demands that the medical record and essential information of the student is updated in the school calendar in case the information has to be accessed in an emergency.

Internal documents : The office also collects the ID-card details. The admission form in the brochure is a formal agreement between the school and the student and parent at the time of admission. The duly filled and signed application form [containing the signature of the parents and student],

External documents : Medical report and record of the candidate’s immunization, School Leaving Certificate, Birth Certificate and Original mark sheet of previous school/ college attended has to be submitted to the school office.

Relevant documents: Ration Card, Copy of the valid passport or domicile certificate has to be handed in for residential proof. Attested copies of the marks cards of the X grade, [if the child is applying for the A levels] along with five recent passport size photographs should be left with the admission officer.


RIMS has always been aware of those students who are not as blessed as the majority in their learning skills. The special educator and counselor are appointed to help these students achieve beyond their potential. Individual arrangements are made for the students with learning disability when they appear for a CIE exam and all possible concessions required are provided as approved by the CIE.

The special educator provides remedial teaching according to a time table and the progress of the students are marked and maintained.

Remedial Sessions will be offered to students on request from Parents on a separate form available.


Parents and Students will be notified about the lecture timetables, test schedules and Open House and Pre-Open House, Holidays and the extra-curricular activities and other happenings through the College Notice Boards and through the school website:  Also on the agenda is the up gradation of the EPABX system and SMS alerts to make information easily accessible.

(Personal phone calls would be made in case of emergency, if situation demands only)

Should you see any short fall in the systems we have in place for the safety and education of your ward, please inform us by contacting the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We do hope you enjoy your stay here at RIMS and truly miss the institute for all that it has helped you to better yourself.



FRO: Foreigners entering India on a Student Visa which is valid for more than 180 days, are required to register with the Foreigners Registration Officer under whose jurisdiction they propose to stay. This should be done within 14 days or arrival in India, irrespective of their actual period of stay.

To facilitate foreigners, those arriving on any visa  valid for  more than 180 days in duration, can stay without Registration, if each stay does not exceed 180 days.

It is mandatory for all Foreigners arriving on long term Visa (above 6 months) in Student(S) Visa  to register themselves within 14 days of their first arrival in India, irrespective of duration of stay OR in case or stipulation/ observation/ special endorsement made by Indian mission/embassy on the Indian Visa.

In addition, specific endorsement or guideline on Indian visa, if any, needs to be followed.

  • At the time of Registration every foreigner shall furnish accurate information, to the satisfaction of the Registration Officer and shall, sign the Registration Report, in the presence of the said officer. The foreigner shall also be provided a copy of Certificate of Registration (Part III of Form A).

Foreigners may go through the instructions given on Registration Certificates for their guidance concerning stay and future reporting.

  • Documents Required for Registration of Foreigners holding VISA.
  • Filled up application form for registration in triplicate (available with the FRRO office,Pune.
  • Copy of Passport, Visa, arrival Immigration stamp/ endorsement on the passport.
  • Three of recent passport size photographs
  • Proof of residence( Copy of valid and notarised Lease/ Rent agreement OR copy of C-Form from the Hotel OR copy of recent electricity/telephone bill along with the letter from the landlord)