November 2019
Best Students of the month Nov 2019 IMG 0590  IMG 0776  
Best Student's and Best Class
- Oct & Nov Month
 Book Review Activity Pre-Primary to Grade 5 Picnic  
IMG 0384 IMG 20191116 WA0012 IMG 20191127 WA0006 0024
Sakal & Mapro Schoolympics
Football Match Under 14
Oval Shape Activity - UKG Cone shape activity - UKG Sakal and Mapro school
Oympics Girl's Basketball
IMG 9701 IMG 0285 0001 IMG 0309
Pre-Primary Diwali Party World Record 1 hour skating
Children's Day Celebration First Progression Test - Open House


September 2019
IMG 9634 Handwriting Competition Winners Best Class of the month Sep 2019 Grade VI  
II Open House Handwriting Competition Winners Best Students and Best Class
of the month - September
IMG 9376 IMG 9534 IMG 9597 IMG 9468
Preprimary Grandparents Day Delegates of Manchester &
Newcastle University
 Delegation of UK and American
Handwriting Competition
Grade 1 to A Level
IMG 8694 IMG 8747 IMG 9027 ICT Online Olympiad Winners
Teachers day celebration - Assembly Teacher's Day Celebration - Dance
& Skit Performance
Teacher's Day Celebration -
Games & Felicitation
ICT Online Olympiad Winners
August 2019
01 ICT Online Olympiad 2018 19 Best Class of the month August  2019 Grade II A IMG 20190902 WA0016 IMG 8678 
ICT Online Olympiad Best Student & Class of the
month - August
 Square shape activity - UKG Rectangle shape activity - UKG 
IMG 8525 IMG 8591 IMG 8613 IMG 8624
1 Hour Non Stop Skating
Competition Winners
Swimming Competition Winners British Council Reading Challenge
Best Students june IMG 8298 IMG 8340 IMG 8472
Best Student & Class of the 
month - June & July
Friendship Day Celebration First Open House Independence Day Celebration
(15th Aug, 2019)


 July 2019
IMG 7814 IMG 7880 IMG 8072  IMG 8216
 Drawing Painting Competition Grade 1 to 8 Pre primary Health Checkup
Grade 1 to A level health checkup  Drawing & Painting Competition Winner
IMG 6803 01 IMG 7657 fun with paint
French Day Assembly Stuco Election  Investitures Ceremony stuco
 Fun with Paints Preprimary Activity

June 2019

IMG 6332 IMG 6439 IMG 6518  IMG 6751

Classroom preparation, Demo and
Activity Class ( 12th June, 2019)

Parent Orientation 1st to 5th Std  Parent Orientation 6th to A level Pre-Primary Parent Orientation
IMG 5959 IMG 6095 IMG 6180 IMG 6278

Introduction, Code of Conduct,
Service Rules and Policies
( 3rd June, 2019 )

School Planner, Work load, Events
Activities and Committed
( 4th June, 2019 )

Internal and External Examinations
( 7th June 2019 )

Changing Lives in Classroom through
Re-decision Therapy (11th June, 19)
Speaker: Mr. Cedric D'Souza, Psychologist.


                                                                                                      April 2019

IMG 5570

IMG 5946

       Pre-Primary Graduation Day

Annual Prize Distribution
March 2019
IMG 5383 Times NIE Colour Splash Competition Participants Best Students of the month Mar 2019 Best Class of the month Mar 2019 Grade 7 
Open House

 Times NIE Colour Splash Competition
Best Students of the Month - Mar 19  Best Class of the Month - Mar 19 
IMG 5345 Community helpers IMG 20190320 114435 IMG 5430
Book Browsing Activity Pre-Primary Community Helpers
 Concept Summer Season
Ice-Cream Painting
 Scholastic Book Exhibition
IMG 20190308 100932 IMG 20190314 WA0030 IMG 20190314 121807 Grade IV
Poster Making Competition UKG-A Poster Making Competition UKG-B

Transport Activities LKG
 Math Relay Winner's
IMG 4881 IMG 5054 07 IMG 20190308 103517
Math Relay Grade 6 to 9 Math Relay Grade 1 to 5

Nursery Clay Modelling Competition LKG Poster Making Competition
IMG 20190228 115542 IMG 4827 womens day IMG 4299
Nursery Letter - "J" Activity  Pre-Primary Open House  Woman's Day - Week Assembly  Science Exhibition


February 2019
IMG 4171 Best Class of the month Feb 2019 Grade 9 Best Students of the month Feb 2019  
Flowers by using Pencil shaving
activity - Nursery
 Best Class of Month - Feb 19 Grade IX Best Students of the Month - Feb 19   
IMG 4031 IMG 3986 IMG 3894 IMG 4118
Nursery Letter - S Activity Wild Animals Revision LKG Activity Traffic Rules LKG Activity

 Pre-Primary Orange Day
IMG 3701 Book Review Competition Winners IMG 3802 IMG 20190214 WA0036
Pre-Primary Gardening Week Book Review Competition Winners  Making 3D Shapes activity Grade-4

Nursery Letter - Q Activity 
IMG 2988 IMG 3571 IMG 3503 IMG 3622
Grade-4 Activity based on
Working model of Light 
Nursery Letter - O Activity
 Book Review Activity 3rd Open House 
January 2019
IMG 3486 Best Class of the month Jan 2019 Grade 6 Best Students of the month Jan 2019 IMG 2923
Pre-Primary Talent Hunt Best Class of the month -
Jan 2019 Grade-6
Best Students of the month -
Jan 2019
Nursery Letter - G Activity
taha munshi IMG 2802 IMG 2701 20190123 112350
 Taha Munshi World Record Holder  Republic Day Celebration

Pre-Primary Coloring Competition
Origami Tulip Flower Activity - LKG
IMG 2461 Quiz Competition Winners IMG 2605 IMG 2652
RIMS Nite  Quiz Competition Winners Nursery Letter - C Activity 

Cube Shape Activity UKG - A & B
IMG 2405 IMG 2272 17.01.2019 Inter School Quiz Competition Participants IMG 2567
Hand Painting National Symbol Activity LKG Pre-Primary Pet Day Inter School Quiz Competition
Mock Open House

IMG 1934Hexagon Shape  Activity UKG - A

03Hexagon Shape Activity UKG - B

IMG 2049

Quiz Competition

IMG 2147Nursery Letter - U  Activity

IMG 1891Nursery Letter - R Activity

IMG 20190102 113258Nursery Letter - B Activity 001Nursery Letter - D Activity IMG 2014Concept Big Small Activity LKG
December 2018

sports day

Annual Sports Day Primary to A Level

Best Class of the month Dec 2018 Grade 3

Best Class of the month
- Dec 2018 Grade III

Best Students of the month Dec 2018

Best Students of the month-Dec 2018



International School Award 2018 - 21

Pre-Primary Christmas Party

IMG 20181212 081946

Debate Competition Winners

sports day preprimary

Pre-Primary Sports Day

IMG 20181207 115042

Final Debate Competition

IMG 20181207 WA0004

Pentagon Shape Activity UKG - A

IMG 20181130 102715

Pentagon Shape Activity UKG - B

IMG 20181203 115640

Nursery Letter Activity P

November 2018

FPT Open House

 FPT Open House

Best Class of the month Nov 2018 Grade 1

Best Class of the month- Nov 
(Grade-1 A & B)

Best Students of the month Nov 2018

Best Students of the month-
Nov 2018

IMG 3063 IMG 3229 IMG 3713  

childrens day

Pre-Primary Diwali Celebration RIMS NIBM HOSTS CAMBRIDGE PUNE
 Pre-Primary Children's Day
 Children's Day Celebration
Grade 1 to A2


September, October 2018
IMG 20181024 WA0008 NP 04  
 Nursery M Letter Activity RIMS Family Congratulates the Students and Parents for receiving
the British Council ISA Award
IMG 3007 IMG 20181021 WA0017  IMG 20181024 WA0033  IMG 20181024 WA0002 
II PTA Meeting  Triangle Shape class activity UKG-A Water Cycle Activity LKG Triangle Shape Activity UKG-B 
IMG 20180907 102015 IMG 2846  Elocution Competition Winners  IMG 2948 
Square Shape Class Activity UKG-B  Elocution Competition Elocution Competition Winners II Open House
IMG 20181005 WA0008 IMG 20181005 111259 IMG 20181009 WA0022 IMG 20181008 093142
Oval Shape Class Activity UKG-A Oval Shape Class Activity UKG-B  Blue Day Class Activity UKG-A  Blue Day Class Activity UKG-B
IMG 1558 IMG 20180824 122535 IMG 20180829 101318 IMG 1837
Nursery N Letter Activity Nursery T Letter Activity Nursery X Letter Activity Nursery Z Letter Activity
20180907 113739 IMG 20180803 122606 IMG 20180727 121958 IMG 1640
LKG Different Shape Formation Activity Nursery Gross Motor Activity Nursery F Letter Activity Nursery K Letter Activity
Best Class of the month Sep 2018 Grade 2 Best Students of the month Sep 2018 Certificate of Participation from CAIE to Mr. Vishal Pansare IMG 20180929 WA0000 
Best Class of the month-Sep (Grade-2) Best Students of the month-Sep 2018 Certificate of Participation from CAIE
to Mr. Vishal Pansare
Circle Shape Activity UKG A
IMG 1977 IMG 2101 IMG 2148 Business Activity Participants
English Essay Writing Competition Winners  Grade-V Science material changes
Class Activity
Pre-Primary Grand Parent Day Business Activity Participants
IMG 1712 IMG 1611 hindi divas delegates
Essay Writing Competition Pre-Primary Open House Hindi divas celebration Delegates from University of KENTUCKY,
the students of IGCSE,and ALEVELS

Teacher's Day Celebration
IMG 1149 01 IMG 1428 IMG 1174  
Celebration in Assembly Variety Entertainment by the Student's Teacher's engrossed in playing the
Games arranged by Student's
Student's of grade 10, AS and A2
in teaching the lower grades


August 2018
Best Class of the month August 2018 Grade4 IMG 0660 IMG 0989  
 Best Class of the Month August-Grade 4 Grade 6 to A2 Field Trip to Science Park Grade 1 to 5 Field Trip to Science Park  
Best Students of the month August 2018 DSCN1290 IMG 0633 ICT Olympiad Quiz Competition Winners 
Best Students of the month-August 2018 Pre-Primary Green Day ICT Olympiad Competetion ICT Olympiad Quiz Competition Winners
IMG 0346 IMG 0443 IMG 0528 IMG 0570
Independence Day Celebration First Open House Navneet Book Fair PTA Meeting 
UK Delegates IMG 0341 IMG 0336

RIMS Students and Parents interact with delegates of 7 UK Uni
Rupal Parikh of British Council and delegates from 7 UK universities visited the
school for information and guidance to students and parents

SST Activity (My Country) 
Pre-Primary Elocution Competition
Theme: My India
IMG 9731 10.08.2018 Card Making Competition Winners IMG 9931 IMG 9787

Card Making Competition - Grade I
to A Level

Card Making Competition Winners Pre-Primary Friendship Day Celebration Friendship Day Celebration - Grade I
to A Level

 July 2018

  Best Class of the month July 2018 Grade 5 Best Students of the month July 2018  
  Best Class of the Month-July : Grade-5 Best Students of the Month : July  
Drawing Painting Competition Winners Drawing and Painting Competition Winners       IMG 9278 IMG 9434
Drawing & Painting Competition Winners Drawing & Painting Competition Photos Pre-Primary Health Check Up  Grade 1 to A Level Health Check Up
french day 20180710 100455 Drawing Comp    IMG 9239
French National Day Celebration Pre-Primary Red Day Celebration

Drawing & Painting Competition
(Grade I to VIII)

Pre - Primary Family Day Celebration
 03.07.2018 Handwriting Competition Winners 04.07.2018 Class Representatives for the month of July 2018   IMG 8733    IMG 8996
Handwriting Competition Class Representatives - July Month Student Council Elections  Investitures Ceremony - StuCo Elections


        June 2018

 IMG 8445  IMG 8480  IMG 8497  IMG 8520
NIE Student of the Year 2017-18  Orientation Programme Grade 1 to 5  Orientation Programme Grade 6 to A Level  Pre-primary Parent Orientation

Induction Course for Teachers

Day1 Day2 day3 day4
  day5 day6  


      logo small   ISA Activity - 1
      IMG 5685   IMG 7185        
      UKG Coloring Activity    ISA Activity-1 Winners        
  IMG 6285   IMG 6327   IMG 5698   IMG 5724    
  Grade-8 Making of PPT   Grade-9 Making of PPT   LKG Coloring Activity Nursery Coloring Activity    
  IMG 5902   IMG 5790   IMG 6003   IMG 5944    
  Grade 7 Poster making   Grade-6 Leaflets making   Grade-5 Quiz Competition Grade-5 Chart Making    
  IMG 5839   IMG 5638   IMG 5655   IMG 6025    
  Grade 4 Handbills making   Grade-3 Wall hanging   Grade-2 Scrapbook making Grade-1 Shadow puppet making    
      logo small   ISA Activity - 3
  IMG 5887                
  ISA Activity-3 Winners photos                
  IMG 4568   IMG 4533   IMG 4681   IMG 5494    
  Grade-7 Quiz on Celebration of National Days   Presentation on dimensions of flags
and unfurling in the national day
  Grade-9 Country wise presentation  ISA Activity-3 Exhibition photos    
  IMG 4389   IMG 4374   IMG 4493   IMG 4525    
   Grade-2 Scrapbook Making    Making model of flags    Powerpoint presentation on celebration of national days    Grade-8 Chart Making    
  IMG 4287   IMG 4307   IMG 4327   IMG 4234    
   Grade-1 Coloring Activity    Grade-4 Sheets on significance    Grade-5 Collage making of Anthem prints    Grade-6 Poster Making    
      logo small   ISA Activity - 5      
  IMG 5349   IMG 5271   IMG 20180201 WA0042   IMG 4594    
  ISA Activity-5 Winners    Grade-6 Scrapbook Making    Grade-9 Survey    Grade-7 PPT Making    
  IMG 2887   DSCF2101   17   IMG 3947    
Global Dance Fest Grade-1 & 2
Colouring Competition
  Global Dance Fest-Questionnaire   Global Dance Fest- Scrapbook                                   making Survey by students about popularity of different dance forms    
IMG 4227   18   10 DSC 6532    
Global Dance Fest Grade-6 Scrapbook Making  

Global Dance Fest Grade-3
             Craft Making

  Grade-4 Craft Making Annual Day 2017-18    
      logo small    ISA Activity - 6        
  IMG 2914   IMG 1186   22        
Model Making   ISA Activity-6 Exhibition   ISA Activity Winners      
  IMG 0693   IMG 1091   IMG 1053   IMG 1162    
Grade-5 Chart Making   Interhouse Quiz Competition   ISA Activity Colouring Competition Winners Scrapbook & Colouring Competition Photos    
  IMG 0768   IMG 0800   IMG 0807   IMG 0851    
Grade-1 Colouring Competition   Grade-2 Scrapbook Making   Grade-3 Scrapbook Making Grade-4 Chart Making    
      logo small   ISA Activity -2        
  IMG 1490   IMG 2370   IMG 2839        
Skype Activity   Grade-5 Chart Making   What my Mom Cooks for me PowerPoint Presentation      
  IMG 0265   IMG 0626   IMG 0303   IMG 0449    
Visit to Grade-3 by Grade-4   Picture Book Making   Interview with the Nutritionist Mom's Little Helper    
       logo small    ISA ACTIVITY - 4        
      01   IMG 2724        
      ISA Activity tour to Green Tokri   Making of Strawberry salad      
  13   GRd5Scrapbook   Quiz ISA4   ISA Activity 4 Exhibition    
Soil Test   Grade-5 Scrapbook Making Competition-2   Quiz Competition ISA Activity Exhibition    
   grade 4 activity4    IMG 8545    ISA 4 Gr5    Poster Making Gr3 ISA4    
Grade-4 Scrapbook Making Competition    Pre-Primary Colouring Activity   Grade-5 Scrapbook Making  Competition  Grade-3 Poster Making Competition    


Delegates from University of KENTUCKY,MIAMI UNIVERSITY OXFORD, OHIO U.S.A. and  UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI interacting with the students of IGCSE,and ALEVELS