Our Philosophy

Our aims are embodied in this statement of our agreed mission. RIMS is an educational community whose purpose and mission is to educate young people intellectually, morally and physically and without discrimination. The ethos at RIMS seeks to encourage high academic standards through the provision of the Cambridge curriculum, and provide firm foundations to produce responsible citizens and accomplished human beings who demonstrate such virtues as integrity, respect, tolerance, fairness, caring, openness, sharing and friendship

To support these aims the school objectives are:

To provide a thriving community and an ethos where opportunities and resources encourage active participation, so that all students can maximize their potential, striving to attain the highest possible academic standards.


Ø To provide a caring environment, where each student feels happy and secure, and a pastoral care system designed to promote mutual respect, tolerance and open mindedness, thus promoting individual self confidence and self-esteem.


Ø To deliver a broad curriculum in a stimulating ad rigorous way, which draws a variety of teaching methods intended to offer students

opportunity to develop lively, enquiring minds capable of independent thought.


Ø To motivate students to develop a natural curiosity for the world around them to foster attitudes which demonstrate a tolerance and understanding of others’ cultures and beliefs.


Ø To assist students to develop a set of moral values based on concern for others.


Ø To establish the capacity for team work, enabling students to appreciate cooperative effort and other’s point of view.


Ø To ensure that when a student leaves the school, they are able to make creative and informed decisions as they continue their lifelong learning, and that both students and peers are prepared as well as possible for the change.


Ø Within accepted local parameters, to serve as the focus for the community.